Wednesday, September 10, 2008


The Voting has Started at


Hello Everyone and Welcome to Art Decko's

We are currently holding the first of we hope to be many skateboard deck design contests. Our mission is simple, give the people what they want. Our process is simple: you, the people, submit designs using our pre-made templates. Then you, the people vote on the designs. We produce the winners and they are sold exclusively on our site. What's in it for you? Currently top prize is $100 plus a free deck of your design. Did I mention that each deck is branded on the top with a number (1/100 for example) and the artist's name? Well... they are. Second prize is $50 plus a copy of your design. Third Prize is a copy of your design.

So send those submissions in, The cut off for the second round is October 13. For more information click HERE

The Voting has Begun!!! Click HERE rate the contestants. Designers remember to tell all your friends and family to stop by and vote for your design. Myspace, forums and blogs are also good ways to rally support.

Thanks and Good Luck!!

-Art Decko

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