Monday, July 28, 2008


Friday- City Premiere and German's Board Release

Get Germs board here now
Germ Man and Big boss man

Sean and his redbull
Bloomfield ripper Nick Immediato

Crazy Dave
Moncrief and his sweet chick
Nick Ceglia of SickJerks Fame made it out alongside Jon from Certified
The one and only Davis Lee
GDP and Warfair Bob

Saturday and Sunday was the Newark Lincoln Park Festival
Big thanks to Big T, Todd Schwatz for helping us out with his sweet hummer.

Steve Antonechia and Boss Man repping our free food passes
Pad and Davy
Bj looking like an idiot
New DE rider Matt Eaton was shredding

Tim Achille
After skating and sweating all day Randy still reeked of cologne
Lil' B and his new adopted brother with fronts
Lil' B and Crazy Legs of Rock Steady Crew

Dave Chappelle/Daryl Strawberry/Max Jerome
Dave Chang
Dave Coco Pad
Ice T completely ignoring Dave

Artifacts reunion!
KRS-1 finished off the day

For more photos of the event check these links- Here
           and Here

Thanks to Angelo Benjamin and Todd Schwartz for photos

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